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A Potential New Approach to
Treating Autism-Related Irritability 

If your child has a diagnosis of autism and struggles with challenging behaviors like aggression, destruction, self-harming, isolation and meltdowns, they may qualify to participate in our clinical trial for a potential new treatment, offering families an alternative to anti-psychotic treatments.

Who is this study for?

The Gut-Brain Connection in Autism


Who is this study for?

Male or female children may qualify for this study if they meet the following criteria:

  • Are age 5 to 17

  • Have been diagnosed with ASD

  • Experience irritability

The TAPESTRY Study trial coordinator will complete screening assessments to determine if your child is suitable for this study.

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What will participants receive?

If your child qualifies for this study, they will receive, at no cost:

  • The investigational drug or placebo

  • All study-related assessments conducted by trained staff at our clinical sites


Health insurance is not required to take part in this study.


Where are the study locations?

The TAPESTRY study is being conducted at 25 major clinical centers in the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

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